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Accessibility on campus

March 17, 2018. It was time for our final exams. I haven't been to our campus's main building in months, maybe even years. The examination room was located on the second floor. All I could think about was, "how am I going to get up there?" When I arrived, the guard said she will open... Continue Reading →


In relation to our previous blog post, we should not limit ourselves to researching only about the illness or form of disability that you, or someone that you know, have. I must admit, that this is still an unfamiliar concept to me. I didn't know that this existed. I only found out about this about... Continue Reading →

Doing Some Research

Everything that is new and unknown can be scary. For parents of person with disabilities (PWDs), the discovery that their child has some form of disability or a disease that hinders them from being able to do "normal" things can be terrifying unless they have an idea on what they are dealing with. This fear... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview with PDAO about RA 9442

Education plays an important role not only for students but also for the quality of functioning citizens at large. Lack of knowledge can subject an individual suffer negative stigmas and discriminations which may go against his allotted rights as a citizen. On the other hand, an individual can exercise his liberty to say No or... Continue Reading →

Importance of PWD-IDC and an overview of RA 9442

Accessing a discount for purchasing medicine can give significant relief not only for Persons with Disability but also for their Family who must shoulder the expenses. Some patients are prone to disease like Urinary Tract Infection because of their immobility and past medical operation thus weakening the excretory system. That’s why some of us use Catheters... Continue Reading →

Regaining Productivity through Home-Based Jobs

Technological advancements allowed us to work anywhere and anytime unlike the traditional way of going to offices and beating strict deadlines. Today, the internet enables freelancing opportunities that address everyone. It means that even those who are physically challenged are given same treatment in the scope of job opportunities and compensations. But unlike normal workers,... Continue Reading →

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