You Can’t See It, So It Does Not Exist: Mild Autism

“I only became friendly after I participated in an inter-school competition in 2012. Since then, I became very friendly, true to my "Most Friendly" award which I got when I was in nursery.” – Kenneth


You Can’t See It, So It Does Not Exist: Asperger’s Syndrome

“It may also be the cause of my video game addiction … Sometimes I neglect studies in favor of video games.” – Juliann Baloran, hereafter referred to as LunaticTactician (as he is known for in the gaming community), 18, Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (BAMS) student at University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU).... Continue Reading →

Mother-Daughter Interview

Bridging Impairments initiator, Aundrea Santiago, and her mother answer questions that she has previously asked UPOU student-PWD participants (and their caregivers).

Accessibility on campus

March 17, 2018. It was time for our final exams. I haven't been to our campus's main building in months, maybe even years. The examination room was located on the second floor. All I could think about was, "how am I going to get up there?" When I arrived, the guard said she will open... Continue Reading →

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