Our Story

It all started with an online volunteering idea by Aundrea Santiago, who has an autoimmune muscular disorder – Polymyositis (since 2012), for the Civic Welfare Training Service 1 (CWTS 1) course that snowballed into this actual organization due to the shown interest and support by our very own Jester Cuyno, who has Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) for about 10 years now, and Xyza Agoncillo, who has Spinal Cord Arteriovenous Malformation.

As we advanced in our academic career and entered into our Civic Welfare Training Service 2 (CWTS 2), Jonas Dimaculangan also joined our team and we began our online volunteerism project for CWTS 2.

This also serves as Aundrea’s Community of Practice (CoP) for her MMS 131 (Introduction to Knowledge Management) course. A CoP is simply a group (i.e., our organization) who share a concern and/or passion for something, in this case – creating a support system for persons with disabilities and their loved ones/caregivers, and learning how do it better through regular interaction. We can do this through our Facebook page.

We hope to continue this even after we have fulfilled our academic requirements.

Written on: March 2017 


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