Importance of PWD-IDC and an overview of RA 9442

Accessing a discount for purchasing medicine can give significant relief not only for Persons with Disability but also for their Family who must shoulder the expenses. Some patients are prone to disease like Urinary Tract Infection because of their immobility and past medical operation thus weakening the excretory system. That’s why some of us use Catheters and Urine Bag. But health care supplies can run short once we get hospitalized. It means that we have to adapt our daily routine of sanitation and activities inside the Hospital. If a patient is hospitalized during the semester, he must cope up with the lessons and even take exams inside the Ward. Therefore, families with members PWD members are most likely to spend more on Health Care concerns so getting a PWD Identification Card is important because we have to abide by the law in the Republic of the Philippines. NCDA (2009) said that citizens who are born in the Philippines and who were challenged within the scope of “psychosocial, chronic illness, learning, mental, visual, orthopedic, speech and hearing” (3) must be provided an Identification Card for Persons with Disability as assisted by the National Council on Disability Affairs. It also emphasized that the Card shall be an access for the discounts and privileges that are implemented under Republic Act 9442.


  • Requirements

According to Rappler (2016), PWDs can acquire an Identification Card even through the help of their caregivers or relatives. By present a 2 pcs. 1×1 ID picture with Medical Certificate or Clinical Abstract at affiliate establishments like Mayor’s Office, Barangay Captain’s Office, NCDA, DSWD,  and Organizations with DHO’s directive.


Figure 1 shows PDAO purchase booklet issued by Antipolo City. 



  • incentives

Acquiring your PWD ID means valid access to benefits and discounts as mandated by Chapter 8 of RA 9442. Dandee (2009) stated that Section 32 noted 20% discounts in accordance to acquiring service from Hotels, Restaurants, and Recreational Facilities. The discount also covers PWD’s consumption of service in play houses, movie places, fairs, and establishment with cultural services. Moreover, this benefit also extends to Health Care. We can receive the same discount when purchasing medicines from the pharmacy, obtaining utilities from medical and dental establishments, getting Laboratory Tests, and riding public transportations indicative of air, water, and land vehicles. We can also receive educational support when we qualify for requirements as well as the assistance from GSIS, SSS, and PAGIBIG.

So unless we learn the scope of RA 9442, we are most likely to pay service in full and thus do not receive the Government’s aid. So we will not exercise our right. Lack of understanding may lead us to exploitations. Therefore we can maximize our awareness with PWD concerns through Social Media by following NCDA Executive Director’s Corner on Facebook.




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