Wellness: Importance of Organization Involvements

Adjusting to a confined life because of limited mobility can be hard especially when an individual suddenly had an accident. Most patients who had Spinal Cord injury could relate to the feeling of isolation. This medical operation can result in paralysis because Spinal Cord plays an important role in our mobility. Once injured, a person will lose the ability to control body parts depending on the affected Spinal cord level.

After the Spinal Cord operation, it is then necessary to focus on our recovery. And it will be a great help if the Medical Team will conduct a visit for Home Care plans. They can suggest appropriate items like Hospital bed, wheelchairs, and side tables. Also, they can provide orientation for Care Givers by pointing out necessary Stances. Feeling isolated is an inevitable part that we have to overcome in order to get back up again. In fact, it’s more than the absence of someone. It is more of a realization that things will change from this point onward and we may not do the usual things we enjoy before. This part of adjustment can pose two outcomes. It will either break you or make you. But although we want to hope for the best every time, we must also consider that discouraging times will come when you just want to be aloof since you don’t want to burden anyone. We understand how it feels and we also recognize that it may incur a deep cut in your morale. However, it is important that you cope up by going out once again and join a society that will understand your situation and encourage you to overcome. In this article, we will focus on the importance of joining a religious group or an independent Organization for a Cause. Although we consider that isolation is an early part of home care, we are now going to focus on recovering by socialization. We hope that you will consider joining to Local Organization so you will not focus on personal issues, learn to interact again, adapt to new mobility and live for something beyond self.


image source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/15/Worship_at_a_BASIC_Conference.jpg

Affiliation on Religious Groups can help you focus on better things like Spiritual matters and existentialist reflections. In fact, more than theology, they can provide social support in order to regain self-worth and cope up with socializations again. Also by joining NonGovernment Organizations, you can learn to interact with and adapt to new mobility. It is helpful to be passionate on the Organization to be able to live for something beyond yourself.

Once you go outside the comfort zone, you can gain a concrete sense of self-worth by doing something good. This productive diversion can be an avenue to discover your passion. For example, joining Religious Organizations may offer voluntary ministries like Computer Operators or Ushers. Doing something for an Organization can satisfy the feeling of being needed. Therefore you can find new friends after some time and become more comfortable with the new society. This will result to more autonomy and integrations of equality. So joining a group can make you happier and confident.


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