written by Jonas Dimaculangan 02/22/2017




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Having a child with disability or autism is a depressing feeling for a parent. Parents always want the best for their kids and seeing their kids having a disability makes them sad because they really could not do anything about it but to deal with it and support their child in the best way possible. Besides dealing with this kind of situation, there is another issue that is evident in our society today and that is the problem of bullying. Disabled children are more prone to bullying because people lack understanding about the different disabilities and because people see the disabled as being different to the rest of the crowd. Disabled people can think the same ways like others do but children with autism are different because of their way of thinking and that makes them vulnerable to bullies. For a parent who keeps on doing the best that they could do for their child with disability, it is a disheartening experience to know that their kids are being bullied in school. The effects of bullying to a disabled child, especially to a person with autism can be devastating or can make their situation worse because bullying can give an unpleasant experience to somebody thus, leading to more isolation and feeling of solitude for a disabled person. Though communities, especially school institutions have made actions regarding this incident, it would still be helpful for a parent to know what they could do regarding this issue. Here are some tips that parents can take regarding their disabled kids who attend traditional schooling:

  1. Be persistent in communicating with school teachers so they could be aware of what is happening inside and outside of the classroom.
  2. Ask for the school’s copy of the anti-bullying policy and behavior policy.
  3. Take photos if there are any physical injuries to show the school.
  4. Seek help from an organization that supports children affected by bullying at school.
  5. If the bullying continues, make a complaint.
  6. Always talk to your children regarding their experiences in school and learn ways on how to find out if someone is bullying or hurting them.



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