Why is it hard to open up?

Being on wheels perhaps may be one of the most life-changing events a person can go through. From the former things we are usually doing, it has now changed a lot. In fact even the slightest nudges must be coordinated with the people who are assigned to take care of us. For others, it can be a wife, a sister, or caregivers. And after regaining composure, we are taking back a sense of identity as a person by the things we pursue after the incident such as education or career or a relationship. However, during our journey for self-identity, we may become unaware that we are already concealing the disappointments and frustrations brought by being on-wheel.

Our discussion today shall answer the inquiry, why is it hard to open up? It is important to talk about these issues because it can help people who are experiencing misconceptions against opening up that may result to bigger problems such as depression or regressions.

  • Because we are afraid. There are many hard issues that neither do our family member nor we want to talk to. In fact, some topics are too sensitive that it will only cause bitter confrontations against important people involved. So in order to avoid confrontations, opening up becomes a tough decision because we are afraid to lose relationships.
  • Because we don’t trust other people. Being on wheels may have different effects on us, depending on how well we respond to challenges of life. However, we must face the reality that after every battle it can leave us an open wound that can affect our present attitudes and perceptions to people now. So opening up becomes hard because we are fed up with trusting wrong persons again.
  • Because we are trying to fight alone. With fear and trust issues already jeopardized, it then becomes rational that we have unintentionally resolved to fight the battle alone. We unintentionally do this by hiding the real issues against important people we are committed with such as family members, wife or husband, or spiritual leaders.

Today we learned that opening up is not an easy task because of the factors we have presented above. On the next article, we will talk about the solutions to help us open up.

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