When to open up?

Choosing when to open up may be objectively dependent on the kind of personality we have. And in the present case, being on wheels surely affects our ways to communicate. Some people have an out-going personality where they find strength by having huge crowds around them, enjoying loosed conversations on and on. On the other hand, there are people who prefer being alone most of the time and having people they are not genuinely comfortable with can cause stress. Perhaps we might assume that out-going person would easily open up more than those with a quiet personality. However, there can also be a time when an out-going person would intentionally avoid hard issues by diverting the crowd to funny moods. Still, they are not opening up.

Today, considering both personality types, we want to know when the right time to open up is. It is necessary so we can build a stronger relationship with people around us. Also, it can also become a turning point to voice out our problems.

  • Open up when we are ready. When administering medications or applying cures to patients, nurses would first state the things they will do before actually executing the act. Many times, children would cry out against injections but adults would simply agree to the nurses and silently endure the pain. Just as enduring painful injection, we must open up when we are ready to talk about the issues we are struggling on. And there are many issues about being on wheels such us making friends, reaching goals, having employment, opportunity to build romantic relationships, catching up with former friends, medications, and even sex life. All these issues can engulf us one way or another that’s why it is important to willfully resolve that we will open up to important people that can genuinely listen to us. These people can be a sister, a friend, or someone we find as an acquaintance for the mean time. So to release emotions, we must take the initiative to be vulnerable and actually open up.

Opening up to someone may take time and risk when doing so. However, unless we will communicate, no one will understand us. Unless we open the door, no one can come in. Let’s have a reassessment about ourselves. Perhaps, they can help us.


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